Back To The Beginning DXL Dani Pacha

En esta ocasión os traemos un vídeo que es pura poesía en movimiento. Con Dani Pacha a los mandos, no se puede esperar nada mas que grandes sensaciones.

This time i want go to fligth in a very proximity place , but only fligth one time the last year , when start at fpv flight . And this time enjoy more . Thanks so much to my assistant Dani Guerra one more time, for his help in this adventure.

Special Thanks everyday to my sponsors. Thanks so much To DroneXLabs for your unconditional support.

And thanks to Xblade team by incluide me in his team and promote me .

Thanks to Graupner
Thanks to MercadoRc

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Setup use
Rotoracer motors 2206 2800kv
Frame DXL Piranha X Custom Frame Avaible soon 210 mm

Other fram DXL X 185mm new design Avaible soon.
Emax 2205 2600kv

These frames use same setups only change the motors
Esc Ftv little bee 20A
Props ! Gemfan 5045 bullnose
FC : Naze 32 Rev 5 ( THE BEST ) with boris betafligth 2.6.0
Camera 1177 with 2.1 lens
Vtx foxer 40ch 200mw
Rx Graupner gr 12 use sumD
Tx Graupner Mz 24
Lipo Gens ace tattu 1300 mah 4s 75c…

Farshark dominator V2
Immersion Rc divertisty duo NexWaveRF groundstation with 2 anntenna spironet 8dbi

Gopro hero 4 session with creative dex mount. Awesome product

First frame Full weight with gopro 498gr

Second frame Weight with gopro 491 gr

My first fligths in this place the latest year. On this video…

Drone X Labs sites

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